Nitrogen oxides (NOx) are by-products of all combustion processes that lead to acid rain and photochemical oxidation in the atmosphere.

Selective catalytic reaction (SCR)

Selective catalytic reduction systems can be precisely adapted to the site conditions to achieve excellent flow dynamics.

In these systems, ammonia injected into the flue gas for chemical reduction of NOx. Our injection and mixing systems allow very precise dosing of ammonia, which is the main factor in the efficiency and productivity of the system.

Main characteristics of RCDS installations for FCC

  • Optimized the temperature of the gases entering the system ensures that no blockage of the catalyst

  • Minimum ammonia removal

  • Capital and operating costs are significantly lower compared to other denitrification systems, such as the ozone generation system.

The main characteristics of the absorber to the FCC

  • Reduced pressure losses on the absorber

  • Removal of particles / fog due to electrostatic forces, not due to differential pressure (Venturi system)

  • No auxiliary fan is required

  • Reduce power consumption

  • Does not require an increase in the existing capacity to increase the operating pressure

  • Reduced emissions in comparison with traditional scrubbers for SO2

  • The absence of brown smoke plume SO3

  • The design of the injectors, eliminating clogging

  • Simple repair and replacement of injectors in operation

  • Corona electrodes with long service life

  • High quality backup transformers and controllers

  • Standby pump

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