FINGO received a certificate of origin ST-1

In January 2020, the Fingo-Complex received a certificate of origin of goods ST-1 from the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI), which confirmed that our products are manufactured in Russia from domestic raw materials.

Certificate ST-1 is assigned for all types of manufactured dust and gas cleaning equipment FINGO:

· Electrostatic filters - EGA, EGBM, EGB1M, UGT, EGT, OGP, EGA, SRK, S-7, 2 E, PG-8, UGTM

· Bag filters - FRI, FR, FRO

· Cyclones - CCT Packed scrubbers - SNAN-Ts

· Venturi nozzle - GVPV-K, GVPV

· Drop eliminators

This certificate will allow you to participate in tenders and reduce the cost of transportation of FINGO dust and gas cleaning systems, which will make it possible to provide world-class equipment to customers from CIS countries at the best price.