Fingo's export products received the mark with the mark Made in Russia

In May 2019, Fingo (FINGO-Complex LLC) successfully completed the final stage of the voluntary certification and labeling system of the Russian Export Center (REC). The company's products manufactured for export will be labeled with the national brand Made in Russia.

Evaluation of the plant in the framework of voluntary certification was carried out on such factors as product quality, personnel competence, production safety, image and history of the enterprise.

“Obtaining a certificate Made in Russia is a strategic step in the development of Fingo export policy. The company has a history of deliveries to 56 countries in the world. The mark Made in Russia confirms the reliability and integrity of FINGO. For us, this is another opportunity to further increase the share of exports,” said Dmitry Zemlyakov, director of supply and logistics at Fingo.

Preparations for the REC certification began in July 2018. The first stage “Evaluation of experience and business reputation” completed in October 2018 confirmed that Fingo is a bona fide manufacturer and reliable supplier of products. This gives the right to use the sign of Russian Exporter.

“The national brand Made in Russia confirms the high quality of Fingo products intended for export. The use of this sign will provide additional opportunities for the company to represent our dust and gas cleaning equipment in export markets, and international clients will receive a guarantee that our products are of high quality, safe and truly manufactured in Russia,” said Dmitry Zemlyakov, director of supply and logistics at Fingo.

According to the results of certification, Fingo is included in the public register of bona fide exporters, designed to simplify the process of entering the company's products on international markets.