We provide all accessories for equipment during all term of its operation. Fast and high-quality production of components is carried out at the expense of storage of design documentation.

Main components supplied

  • Automated control system

  • Case, the confusers and diffusers

  • Power packs with control units

  • Sets of mechanical equipment

  • The collecting and discharge electrodes

Additional components

  • Devices for blowing and heating of insulators

  • Gas distribution systems

  • Supports for installation of units

  • Other parts of electric filters

Elements of mechanical equipment

  • Insulators (including support and passing)

  • Shake drives

  • Hammer shafts

  • Control units for electric filter regeneration systems

  • Manholes and hatches

  • The gas distribution grid

  • Sensors of level of the polluted substances in bunkers

  • Equipment for unloading and transport of collected dust

  • Other elements and mechanisms

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